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Best 4 Message Lock App For Android

It is now common practice to send a message to a friend or loved one. Perhaps you prefer texting to calling. Consider what would happen if your smartphone was stolen. Don’t worry, there is some best message lock app for android SMS lock applications to assist you. By locking the SMS tray, you can easily transfer your phone to anyone. In your absence, no one would be able to read your private messages. Instead of deleting your SMS history out of fear of being found out, SMS locker apps enable you to keep a full record of it.

These are the Message Lock App For Android with their link.

1. Message Lock

Message Lock:  you can protect your chats and messages. Message Lock can guarantee the locking of Messenger, Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat, Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messaging Apps, and all other social media apps. You can easily lock or unlock the apps by selecting/deselecting them.
Message Lock is more than just a social media, chat, messaging, and SMS app lock; it is a full-fledged App Lock. With this  App Locker, you can now improve the security of your phone. Message Lock has the ability to lock all system apps such as Contacts, SMS, galleries, Videos, Email, and so on. Nobody can wreak havoc on your system apps. This App Locker can protect third-party apps such as Gmail, YouTube, and games.


2. Message Locker

Message Locker assists you in avoiding snoopers and putting a stop to spying eyes. Message locker secures & adds a PIN / Pattern lock to all of your Android phone’s messaging, social media, chat, messenger, and other apps. Message locker protects your messages, chats, and emails from anyone who uses or browses your phone.

• PIN/Pattern Lock protects all of your messaging and email apps.
• To protect multiple apps, use a single PIN or pattern lock.
• Detects messaging apps on the device automatically.
• Maintains the safety and security of your conversations and chats.
• Password recovery based on security questions.
• Lock social apps such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, Gmail, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger, among others.

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3. AppLock

AppLock can encrypt Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls, and any other app you specify. Protect your privacy and prevent unauthorized access. Make sure you’re safe.
AppLock supports both PIN and Pattern lock, so you can lock apps in your preferred style. Unlocking a pattern lock is now easier and faster. The keyboard on the PIN lock is random. It is far safer for you to lock apps. There’s no need to be concerned about people eavesdropping on your password or pattern. More secure!

4. Privacy Messenger

You can replace stock messages with a SECURE & PRIVATE messenger app! All new MMS/SMS will be saved locally in Privacy Messenger. As a result, there is no need to be concerned about snooping with this free messaging app!

Privacy Messenger – Securely send text messages with a private box, SMS blocker, SMS backup & restore, and SMS scheduling! You can also register with your phone to gain access to free online texting.


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You don’t have to justify why you want to keep your text messages and photos on your phone hidden from prying eyes. This is private and should stay that way, and if anyone wants to see what you’re comfortable having publicly shared, they can go to your Twitter or Instagram page. Perhaps you have children and don’t want to delete your entire photo collection by accident.

There are several methods for locking photos, text messages, and other areas of your phone that you want to keep private, ranging from in-app functions in specific messaging apps to apps that allow you to lock and take closer control of other apps.

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